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Winter Wedding: 20 quick tips for couples
Appearance 1. DO NOT SAVE ON ACCESSORIES In order not to freeze during a photo shoot, ensure yourself with warm details of the image. Fur coat, cape, mantle, clutch, cardigan,…

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6 nightmares of each bride
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Wedding preparation: what needs to be done right at the beginning?

Before you make the final decision on choosing the site, the wedding team and the concept of celebration, complete the tasks from our list.

Before you find the wedding team …
Decide what services you need. If you are planning a chamber celebration in the circle of the most beloved ones and will be happy to take care of the development of the style and program of the holiday, use the services of a wedding coordinator on the day of the celebration, which will control timing and help to solve organizational issues.

And if you plan a big reception for a hundred guests, you cannot do without the help of a professional organizer during the preparation. He will help you find contractors, decide on the style and find a suitable site, as well as control the budget and help in solving many other problems.

Harmony and comfort: the wedding of Sergey and Darina The noise of the sea, the music of love and the spirit of an old mansion: a stylized photo session Tenderness of spring: the wedding of Dima and Zhenya
Before you choose a wedding date …
Decide on the theme and style of the celebration. Most couples choose summer for a holiday, while in late autumn, in winter or in early spring, you can also have an unforgettable celebration! For example, a cozy holiday for a narrow circle of friends in a country house can be spent in a snowy winter, soaking up by the fireplace, and when, as not in March, to collect a bridal bouquet from lilies of the valley!

Wedding is not in season – it is also a great way to save money, because many contractors are doing discounts on their services at this time. When choosing a date for a celebration, consider also the possibility of holding a celebration on a weekday or Sunday. Firstly, it will help to save on the rental site, and secondly, if there is not enough time left for preparation, you will be able to find unoccupied contractors.

Bansko: wedding love-story Love for grenades: wedding of Karen and Bella Sunset of the Empire: stylized photo session
Before you book a site …
Think over the format and approximate timing of the event. The best option would be a platform where you can hold a ceremony and a banquet. So you will save time (on the road) and money. Apart from the fact that renting one site will probably cost less than two in different parts of the city, transport costs will also noticeably decrease, and the decor can be reused (for example, flower arrangements from the ceremony zone can be transferred to the photo zone).

Sophisticated timing will save and much more. For example, if the buffet takes 30 minutes and does not take several hours, the cost of drinks and snacks will be lower. And if the holiday ends on time, you will not have to overpay for the additional hours of site rent and the work of contractors.

Be sure to arrange a personal meeting. You should be comfortable in communication with him, otherwise on the wedding day you will not be able to behave naturally in front of the camera, and shooting will bring more stress and feelings than joy. A good way to practice posing and working together with a photographer is to arrange a pre-wedding love story.

Another important stage is the signing of the contract. Be sure to specify how much and for what you pay. Find out if the photographer has packages of services (as a rule, they are cheaper than hourly rates) and what additional services are included in the price (printing a photo book, help from a second photographer, etc.).

Before you create the menu …
Consider the concept of a wedding: whether it will be a friendly party, a romantic celebration or a magnificent reception. For each option will suit your menu and your dinner format. On a more informal holiday, you can have a dinner in the format of a buffet table with various snacks, cheeses, sandwiches or burgers – guests will not go hungry, the holiday will be held in a light and relaxed atmosphere, and you will be able to save.

The classic format of the wedding involves a full dinner, but here you can reduce costs. Instead of composing a menu of many different positions, it would be appropriate to prepare only one version of the hot, especially if the appetizers were varied and quite rich. Or arrange a themed dinner, for example, a vegetarian.

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