12 ideas for a spring wedding
The time when nature wakes up is great for a holiday of love. Today we have prepared 30 inspirational ideas to decorate your spring wedding. 1. FLOWERS When you try…

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Winter Wedding: 20 quick tips for couples
Appearance 1. DO NOT SAVE ON ACCESSORIES In order not to freeze during a photo shoot, ensure yourself with warm details of the image. Fur coat, cape, mantle, clutch, cardigan,…

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Spring Bride: 10 rules for creating the perfect image
On her wedding day, every girl dreams of being the most beautiful and unique! How to create an unusual spring look that will amaze all the guests and your groom,…

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6 nightmares of each bride

The closer the wedding day, the more nightmares you suffer? This article will not get rid of them, but it will definitely calm you down, make you smile and, most importantly, remind one important thing: you are not alone in this!

Preparing for the triumph and the fear of failure can drive anyone crazy. Just remember that a wedding is not a test. This is one of the happiest days in your life. And let all nightmares be left behind.
In this nightmare, you … oops! – I overslept my wedding, and this momentous day just passed by. Friends danced, her beloved husband was having fun, the family enjoyed delicious dishes … And that’s all – without you. How nice that this is just a dream.

You are sure that the wedding was, but you just can not remember that moment, as you said “yes”, or your first dance. And all because your wedding simply did not exist. But in the dream, of course, you were very scared. As so – so much is planned, and not a single memory remains.

Aunt drank too much or a friend who is torn into a fight. And you are determined to deal with them. Yes, they are still your close people, but in this dream they suddenly turned into absolute evil. How nice that you can open your eyes, exhale and forget about it.

Moreover, in the literal sense. All of us are not perfect, and you see a dream where suddenly your fingers became huge, and there is no ring on them, a pimple on the forehead can be seen from space, and the eye behind the cheeks is not visible at all.
Calm down and look into your future husband’s loving eyes. He likes you any. And how great it is to wake up awesome again!

It is the wrong color, cut, size, not your style or simply – “not yours,” and you realize this just before the exit. The groom is already waiting, and nowhere to retreat. Well, how can you not wake up in tears.

One of the most terrible night and real nightmares. Here you go to the altar under the admiring glances of guests, and at the end of the road your ex-boyfriend is waiting for you. Or a childhood friend. Or a nerd from a nearby desk. In a word – horror.
This dream does not mean that you doubt your choice. It’s just that the brain decided to play a trick on you.

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