Spring Bride: 10 rules for creating the perfect image
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Brides mistakes: TOP-8
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Brides mistakes: TOP-8
It is impossible to avoid mistakes during preparation. But to minimize their number is quite realistic if you listen to our advice! 1. DO NOT BE ABLE TO TALK TO…

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Wedding location: additional expenses

Did you find the perfect wedding venue, and the amount of the rent suits you completely? Before making a final decision, check out the list of additional expenses.

Open air
Organizing an outdoor wedding on the lake or in the forest is so romantic! But such a tempting idea may require a significant investment from you.

Tent / awning

In case of rain or strong heat, you will definitely need a tent or awning. If you have to use this option, you will need additional coverage – all these costs should be taken into account when preparing the wedding budget.


If you plan to organize a wedding in the public area – in the park or in the garden – you may need permission to hold the event, and it certainly will be paid.

Dance floor

Dancing on the lawn, falling in heels into the ground, is not so pleasant. To avoid this problem, take care of a tighter covering for the dance floor and include it in your wedding budget.

Good sound

An outdoor party will need more powerful sound equipment than indoors. Check with the contractor who does this, if he can provide good sound, or need additional equipment.

How we organized a wedding in the forest: the story of Maxim and Dasha Backyard party: the wedding of Andrei and Yulia Home comfort: the wedding of Olya and Yarik
In another city / country
A wedding in another country often costs more than a celebration in the city where you and most of the guests invited to the celebration live. And besides the obvious costs, there are those that you can forget to take into account.

Trips during preparation

To organize an on-site wedding, you will probably need to make at least one visit to the selected country. Road, accommodation and meals – this is the minimum list of costs that need to be budgeted.


All necessary things and props may not fit in your suitcase, and their delivery will have to be paid separately. If contractors are traveling with you – for example, a photographer or a stylist, their transport and accommodation must also be paid.

Regional Services

For registration of papers and documents for a formal wedding in another country, you will also need to allocate a separate amount. Remember that in some countries, the couple must stay in the state a few days before the wedding.

Celebration in his hometown

Not all guests will be able to afford a trip to a wedding in another country. In order not to offend anyone and celebrate this event with all those close to you, you will most likely need to organize a party or a gala dinner for them in your hometown.


Romantic classic: the wedding of Nikita and Anna in Italy. How we arranged the wedding of a dream in Cyprus: the story of Sasha and Ani. The air of Italy: the wedding of Alexander and Olga.

In the hotel
Many hotels offer very good conditions for weddings – all amenities, banquet halls, outdoor areas, catering services and accommodation for all guests. But even here additional expenses are possible.

Technical equipment

If the equipment at your wedding does not have sockets, cables or an amplifier, you will have to buy it at your own expense.

The drinks

Prices for drinks in the hotel – both alcoholic and ordinary – can scare many, so check if you can buy them yourself for the wedding. In this case, you will need to pay a cork fee.

Additional time

If the paid time comes to an end, and the party is still in full swing, you will probably want to extend the rental for another couple of hours. Do not forget to know in advance how much it will cost, since nighttime maintenance can be more expensive than you think.

Rose Garden: the wedding of Ani and Glory Little Tuscany: the wedding of Stas and Xenia Orange inspiration: the wedding of Catherine and Alexander
Farm hangars are an ideal place for a simple and soulful wedding in a rustic or country style. If you like this format of celebration, then you should know what other expenses will be required to make the holiday as comfortable as possible for guests.


In the selected location there may be no bathroom, and you will have to organize it at your own expense. The amount can be quite substantial – you hardly want to use a simple bio-toilet at your wedding.

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