6 ways to once again confess your love on your wedding day
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10 things you should not do at a wedding
In order not to spoil such a long-awaited wedding day and leave only pleasant memories…


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10 things you should not do at a wedding
In order not to spoil such a long-awaited wedding day and leave only pleasant memories…

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How to spend a honeymoon

Honey call the first month of married life. The honeymoon is due to its name due to the old Russian tradition, according to which a mead was specially brewed for the bride and groom. Her young were supposed to drink not only at the wedding, but a month after her. Moreover, other laughing drinks were not allowed during this period.

Honeymoon is not only the sweetest period in the life of a young married couple, but also the first test of a joint life. Traditionally, the honeymoon is a time when young people should be together inseparably. Accordingly, for the honeymoon, options are chosen in which the lovers are distracted as little as possible with everyday problems, completely devoting themselves to each other.

But, of course, there are exceptions.
Honeymoon in the honeymoon

Perhaps the most popular and traditional version. To roll away on a trip or a cruise, to change the situation, leaving behind the usual way, left alone – what could be better?

Honeymoon Wedding Travel

The organization of the wedding journey is so standard that it makes no sense to write a lot about it. You need to decide on the route in advance, if, of course, you do not have a rich uncle who is ready to give a surprise and give vouchers right at the wedding. Choose a travel agency, buy a ticket, plan financial expenses, etc. Where to go – also a question that does not require detailed advice. In the end, the whole world is at your service, and the choice depends only on your tastes and financial possibilities. If you decide to spend your honeymoon on your honeymoon, go ahead! This is almost ideal when you certainly will not be bothered by everyday problems, and you will completely surrender to each other.

Pastoral honeymoon: in solitude, but without travel

In order to retire, it is not necessary to swim or fly to distant lands. A funnier place you can safely find and take a closer look. This may be a house in the village, a villa on the seashore, a manor in the suburbs or even a tent somewhere in the forest by the lake.

Pastoral Honeymoon

The advantages of such a honeymoon are obvious: solitude in nature, romance. And, of course, financially it will not be so stressful. There are some bytovuhi, but where do without it? The main thing that love was. And with cute, as you know, paradise and in a hut.

Extreme Honeymoon: Adrenaline and Hormones

If both of you cannot live without extreme sports and experience an acute attack of nausea from one presentation of a solid pink honeymoon, this option is for you. Arrange each other’s survival exam. Go somewhere in the mountains, in the taiga, away from people. Arrange a rally in the country – it’s good, you don’t have to expect anything other than extreme from our roads. Fly in a balloon, dive under the water, conquer the peaks. It’s so exciting! Especially if there is a loved one near you, who fully shares your hobbies and, most importantly, is ready to give you a shoulder at any moment.

Extreme Honeymoon
Well, what to do if even after the wedding, neither she nor he can stop working? The main rule – do not be upset! Classic solitude can be postponed for a period of vacation. And in the first month after the wedding is not a problem to have fun in a normal atmosphere. Since your time in this situation is evening and night, use it to the fullest! Make every evening different. Restaurants, theaters, clubs – all at your service. Even a romantic dinner in the apartment is no longer a banality or banality. Well, on the weekends God himself ordered not to stay at home – have fun, as your heart desires. Do not let your sweetheart forget about you even during working hours. A bouquet of flowers delivered to the office of the young spouse will not let her forget about her betrothed in the bustle of office everyday.

Office Honeymoon
By the way, in your hometown you can make a very unusual adventure. Order the organization of a draw, history. In secret from his half, let him be a surprise.

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