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Brides mistakes: TOP-8

It is impossible to avoid mistakes during preparation. But to minimize their number is quite realistic if you listen to our advice!

Of course, constantly looking at wedding blogs, Instagram and Pinterest in search of inspiration during preparation is normal, but everything should be in moderation. Otherwise, you risk becoming entangled in your desires, because on the Internet all weddings are so beautiful! Moreover, when the key moments of the celebration are determined (the dress was bought, the wedding style was chosen), it is better to forget about them, so as not to doubt once again the correctness of their choice.

Do not try to catch everywhere and everywhere – you just can not do this. Better focus your attention on the things that are really important to you and the bridegroom. Focus on those moments that characterize your couple, make the celebration unique, personalize it. Think over your “chips”, which will be reflected in a photo shoot, wedding arch or entertainment program, and other tasks that simply do not have enough time, delegate to professionals.

Sometimes it is difficult to stop comparing your triumph with beautiful weddings from magazines or a portfolio of wedding contractors. But when you have already decided on the style and concept of your holiday, this is simply necessary. After all, new shots and suggestions from professionals appear every day, and it is simply impossible to repeat them all! Remember that your wedding will still be the best for you, simply because it is yours!

If you liked something at a wedding with friends or in the portfolio of a specialist – say this directly. And even if it does not fit the style of your wedding, or you simply do not want repetitions, such a revelation will help contractors understand which direction to go. And let the preparation is already in full swing – a true professional with the help of light strokes will be able to give the wedding exactly the mood that you probably lacked until now.

Be honest in the event that you do not like something. For example, you are not impressed with the design style suggested by the decorator or the location taken by the photographer. It is better to tactfully tell them about it right away so that the final result will suit you exactly!

Making the final choice in any aspect of preparation, be it buying a dress or putting together a banquet menu, can be quite difficult. But if you have already made it – stop doubting the correctness of your decision. You can go through the options indefinitely, but understand that you still have to make decisions – and it’s better not to do it a week before the wedding.

Always remember that the stylizations that inspire you in blogs and social networks can not always be embodied in real life, and most often they are done solely with the aim of filling the master’s portfolio with beautiful frames. To understand what is really reproduced at the wedding, and what is not, you need to show the shooting to your team of professionals. And even if they are not able to recreate the concept exactly, they will understand what you expect from the wedding.

This may seem commonplace, but if you do not learn to be grateful for any little thing, you will be constantly annoyed. It will seem to you that everything is going wrong, that everything could be better. Therefore, focus on the positive moments of preparation and do not forget that the most important thing in the wedding is your love, and not the perfect seating cards.

Are you so fascinated by the preparation that you no longer see a holiday behind it, but only endless lists of to-do? Relax and give yourself the opportunity to have fun – arrange a bachelorette party or organize a party on the eve of the celebration! This will immediately remind you that a wedding is a holiday, not an examination of your organizational skills.

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