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Accessories in the bride’s dress

Accessories are various worthy additions-decorations to the main dress: handbag, gloves, bijouterie and so on. Are such details always relevant at a wedding, is it wise to purchase them along with a wedding dress?

No matter how tempting the handbag attached to the wedding dress looks, it will bring a number of inconveniences to the bride during the wedding.

After all, the bride in one hand carries flowers, and the other holds the groom’s arm, so in this case the handbag, even if very flirtatious, can simply interfere with it.

But jewelry or jewelry made of precious metals will look very impressive. For example, if a dress with a large neckline, it is good to wear a necklace around your neck. It will make the bride look sophisticated.

On a long satin glove a bracelet will look exquisitely. He will emphasize the whiteness of color, the elegance of the bending of the hands of the bride.

Necklaces and pendants at a wedding
Are wedding gloves a must-have attribute? Not now. And earlier … According to the ancient will, accepting a gift without gloves, the bride risks “greet the devil” through one of the guests. However, the explanation of how this threatens has not reached our time. So, gloves can be short and long, ordinary or “mitts” – without fingers. They are made of knitted elastic lace or satin. If your dress is with long sleeves, then you can do without gloves or buy short ones. If the dress is sleeveless, then it will be decorated with gloves above the elbow or even whole attached sleeves-gloves. In gloves, one inconvenience – or the ring will have to wear on them, or remove-wear gloves during the procedure of exchanging rings.

Wedding gloves

Recently, due to noticeable deterioration of the weather on the entire planet, another adorable accessory has come into fashion – a small blouse trimmed with fur or swan feathers. Even if it is summer in the courtyard, do not flatter yourself. On the day of your wedding, the thunderclouds that suddenly gathered over the city are unlikely to be dispersed. Therefore, stock up with a blouse so that during the traditional walk around the city the groom does not have to give you his jacket. If you are to marry in the winter season, then you should warm up even more seriously. You may have to buy white boots to change your shoes. Outerwear at the winter wedding is required. If money allows, you can buy a special small white fur coat.

An additional element to the wedding decoration will be clips or earrings. They can put a finishing point in the design of the bride’s attire, making it even more attractive.

Earrings – accessory in bridal outfit

If you already have your ears pierced and you are wearing earrings, you may not be interested in this chapter. But one girl had an interesting story before the wedding. “The groom presented a Faberge kit before the wedding,” said the girl, “earrings and a ring. With the ring, everything is clear. But what to do with earrings? The fact that I wear clips, but he did not understand these intricacies and thought that I have pierced ears. And here – gave amazingly beautiful earrings! I do not know what to do. Before the wedding, another month, will I have time to pierce my ears? But the most important thing is that they need to heal. Or, maybe, not to risk, and to pick up suitable clips for day of a list? ”

The story ended with the fact that the girl had pierced her ears, and since then she had completely stopped wearing jewelry, preferring items made of precious metals.

If you decided to pierce your ears before the wedding, do it for at least a month so that the punctures can heal by the day of the celebration. They heal faster in girls than in women of solid age. It is completely unfounded the view that after a puncture in the ears should wear only gold earrings. They can be any – the main thing is to be light, without aggravating suspensions. After a puncture with a “pistol”, a special medical noble metal earring is immediately put into the ear. You can ask the master to insert yours, brought with you. Best of all, earrings with a classic English lock – they have a direct handle, which will form a straight hole shape, which will facilitate the further change of earrings. After all, an earring with a rounded bow will form a rounded puncture shape, which will make it difficult to insert other earrings.

The first earrings inserted into the ears should weigh no more than two grams. Replacing the first, familiar light earrings with heavier ones is usually recommended only after two or three months, otherwise they may cut through the puncture and it will shift to the edge of the lobe.

The auricle is a sensitive part of the body. The branches of the large auricular and otic-temporal vagus nerves approach it. The auricle is connected by a network of communications with deep structures of the brain. If this area is strongly and permanently squeezed with clips, the blood circulation is disturbed and an adverse effect on the nerve endings occurs. Because of this, a feeling of heaviness arises in the back of the head, a headache can occur, and even pressure can rise.

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