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TRADITIONS AND ENTERTAINMENT PublishedFebruary 4 Bachelorette Party: The Complete Guide

How to organize the perfect bachelorette party that your friends will remember only with positive emotions and magical atmosphere? Take advantage of our guidance!

At the bachelorette party is to call only those friends who will be at your wedding. Usually, only bridesmaids are present at the bachelorette party, but if you wish, you can invite relatives or work colleagues. It is better that your guests are already familiar with each other, so the situation at the bachelorette party will be easier and more relaxed.

Some people think that it’s not worth making invitation cards at a bachelorette party — you just need to call or write on social networks. But if you are planning an entertainment program, you need to know the exact number of people present. In addition, all your friends will surely appreciate this cute gesture!

You do not need to order printing from a professional; you can make invitations with your own hands – for this you need only imagination, glue and scissors. Or just find templates on the Internet and sign them in an original way!

Spending a bachelorette party right on the eve of the wedding is not worth it. Firstly, it is fraught with poor health on the day of the marriage, and secondly, before the holiday you will have a lot of trouble without that. Best of all, if the party takes place one to two weeks before the celebration. Choose a date taking into account your work schedules, weather (if you plan to travel to nature) and photographer’s schedule of employment (if you want to arrange a photo session).

There is no concept of “standard hen party”. Rather, it is a meeting of close friends who have something to remember. Therefore, the format of this evening can be any: from the pajama party at your home to dancing in the most fashionable club of the city. But so that the guests will not be bored, especially if there are people in your company who do not know each other very well, it would be nice to come up with some fun contests. Remember that your main task today is to have a good rest and have fun.

The budget depends on the format of the holiday. You can pay the expenses only by you or agree with your friends that everyone will pay for themselves or reimburse part of the expenses with a cash gift. Take into account that the budget of a bachelorette party should be no more than 5% of all wedding expenses – you should not cut the budget for the site or contractors for this evening.

Gifts at the bachelorette party give at will. But this is a great opportunity to joke and cheer up the bride. Compliments for guests are not obligatory, but if you have the desire, you can prepare small surprises for your friends (lip gloss, sweets, cute accessories).
Remember that not all the guests dream to have fun in a nightclub until the morning, some would like to spend this evening in a SPA-complex or a cozy cafe. Therefore, it is better to discuss in advance the format of a bachelorette party with friends.
Do not delay the choice of the date, especially if the party is planned in the summer, and even at the weekend. Suddenly, it may turn out that all the cool places are occupied!
Make a plan for the evening so that it will be active and interesting.
If standard contests and entertainment are planned, add to them the nuances that characterize your company. For example, questions for the lottery, the answers to which only your guests know!
Try to introduce your girlfriends on the eve of the meeting, or tell each a little about the others, so that at the bachelorette party it would be easy for them to find topics for conversation.
If the budget of a bachelorette party is divided among all participants, consider the solvency of each of the girlfriends when choosing its venue. Otherwise, for someone the party may not be too joyful.
Do not worry if something does not go according to plan – the main thing is that your friends are near!
Social networks make adjustments in our lives. Before you start a bachelorette party, tell your friends what details and photos can be published on the Internet, and which – can not.
Holiday with a taste of candy: photo session for a bachelorette party Warmly at home: the wedding of Jura and Natasha the Princess and the Pea: stylized photography of a bachelorette party

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