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Fitted style

Today we have selected some simple exercises for you, which will help to correct the figure in accordance with the style of your dress. Follow them as far as possible, gradually increasing the load.

Fitted style
Lying on your back, bend your legs at a right angle, hands behind your head. Raise your head and shoulders above the rug. Fix this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Make sure your abdominal muscles work, not your neck.
Lift both legs at the same time above the floor level and fix them for a few seconds. Slowly return to the starting position. It is important not to throw your feet on the floor.
Roll over on your side. Leg, which is on top, slowly lift up and fix in this position. Return to the starting position. Roll over and repeat the exercise with the second leg.
Starting position: lying on your back, knees at a right angle, parallel to the floor, hands behind your head. Exhale and tear off the shoulders from the floor, stay in this position. Take the starting position, rest and repeat the exercise.
The position is the same, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor. Lift the torso and touch alternately with the right elbow of the left knee, and with the left elbow of the right knee.
Lugs on the floor belly down. Bend your elbows and go to rest lying on your elbows. Relying only on the forearm and the tips of the toes, maintain this position for 30 seconds. Gradually increase the time.
Lying on your back, knees wide apart. Cross feet put under the knees (right – under the left, left – under the right). Put your palms on the floor. This exercise makes the muscles on the outside of the thighs more elastic. Try to relax. And do not overdo it – you can damage the ligaments.
Exercises to fit your dress
Author photo: Katerina Lobova | When spring is in my soul: stylized photo session

Open arms
Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms with dumbbells lowered down. Raise your arms to the side and after 3 seconds return to the starting position.
The legs are shoulder-width apart, the body is inclined 45 degrees, and the knees are slightly bent. The arms are bent at the elbows at a right angle. Straighten your arms, hold them behind your back and hold them in that position for a few seconds. Watch your breath
The starting position is the same, hands with dumbbells are lowered down. Dramatically tighten the dumbbells to the stomach, fix, slowly lower. Do the exercise slowly.
Stand up straight, dumbbells parallel to the floor. On the inhale, both hands tighten to the chest, at the exit – put it down and straighten it.
Exercises to fit your dress
Author photo: Anastasia Kochetkova | Sensual morning of the bride: photo shoot

Stand up so that the left leg is behind the right, the distance between them should be about 50 cm. Hands on the waist. Bend your legs, squatting. Stop your left knee 15 cm from the floor, stand still for 10 seconds, lower your knee a little more and stand still again. Return to the starting position. Repeat as many times as you can, and then change your legs.
Stand up straight, legs together, arms down at your sides. Take a wide step towards your left foot, right – in place. At the same time, the left knee should be bent, and the hip should be retracted. After that, with a jerk, transfer the weight to the right leg, taking the left leg for it. Make sure your back is level.
Exercises to fit your dress
Author photo: Veronica Kromberger | In the spirit of St. Petersburg: the wedding of Anton and Christina

Cocktail Dress
Slightly spread your legs, slowly rise on your toes to the highest possible height and sink back. If you put the socks to the sides, then the muscles of the inner part of the lower leg will be involved. If the heels are apart and the socks together are the external muscles. And if you put your legs parallel to each other, then the tension will fall on the middle part of the leg muscles.
Squatting on socks is very effective. Slightly spread your legs, tear the heels off the floor and start to slowly squat. Hands can be put on the belt, and if you can not keep balance – stick to the wall or chair.
To increase the load, heels can be put on the floor, and socks on a small hill (log or board). Or do the exercise on one leg alternately.

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