IMAGE BRIDES PublishedDecember 15 The image of the winter bride: 7 ways to keep warm
If you are planning a wedding in winter, your wedding image should be not only beautiful, but also warm! These ideas will help you not to freeze on such an…

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  • IMAGE BRIDES PublishedDecember 15 The image of the winter bride: 7 ways to keep warm
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The time when nature wakes up is great for a holiday of love. Today we have prepared 30 inspirational ideas to decorate your spring wedding. 1. FLOWERS When you try…

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6 important facts about the honeymoon

Every bride wants to rest after the wedding, enjoying a holiday with her beloved. In order for the honeymoon to pass at a height, remember these 6 points.

To plan the upcoming vacation will take several months: determine the budget, select a destination, study all the offers, find convenient flights and book a hotel room.

Do not forget that if necessary, a few months before the honeymoon you will also need to do the registration of passports and visas. But it will be pleasant trouble, because this trip will be your reward for all the stress of wedding preparation.

You should not hope that the pre-wedding unrest will pass as soon as the holiday ends. You will be thinking for a long time about whether you did everything correctly, so try to drown out the experience with new impressions. For example, extreme rest or interesting excursions.

You and your new spouse will experience such an influx of happiness and joy that you have finally become a family! No wonder that the whole honeymoon you will hold hands and enjoy every moment spent alone with each other.

Be prepared for the fact that not everything will meet your expectations. The number may not be the way you imagined it, and the flight may be delayed. Moreover, you may not even feel very well. Try to foresee this: plan the time interval between the planes with a reserve, and do not forget to put medicines in the suitcase.

Even if a loved one prepares pleasant surprises for you, there are still little things that will annoy you: the weather, the mood, not enough friendly staff. Just put up with it and try not to get upset over trifles. Why start a family life with negative emotions?

During the preparation for the wedding, you tried not to think about everyday problems that would have to be solved after returning home. It is not surprising that you so wish that this wonderful holiday together never ends. But planning the next holiday, or at least the next weekend, will brighten up your chagrin.

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