10 pre-wedding unrest, which should be forgotten
1. EXPERIENCES ABOUT EXTERNAL IMPLEMENTATION Firstly, the emergency help of a beautician will not come to anything good. Secondly, a lot of things will turn out to be hidden with…

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Obligations of the witnesses at the wedding
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Wedding location: additional expenses
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Winter Wedding: 10 cozy ideas in decor
1. TEXTILE Lace, yarn, fur and velvet are great for winter wedding. They can be chosen in any color and used in different ways: to decorate the hall or your…

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Wedding before the New Year: how to share these holidays?

A wedding is a unique holiday, it is the day you create your family, so it should reflect your individuality. A photo session on the background of a New Year’s adorned city is magical. Christmas tree in the middle of the banquet hall – bust.

Many restaurants are decorated for the holidays, so do not forget to clarify this point when booking your site. Decorating empty space is easier than fixing other people’s mistakes. But at the same time it will be possible to save on some details of the decor, which the hall already already has.

Do not abuse the red and green colors. These shades in combination with the traditional snow-white will create a New Year’s atmosphere. There are many other winter details that will perfectly fit into the concept of a wedding and at the same time will not create a feeling of the New Year: candles, rowan berries, cinnamon, cones, etc.


The earlier the better. In winter, the demand for wedding services drops noticeably, and the future newlyweds relax, forgetting that another “trouble” appears at this time – the New Year holidays and corporate parties. The time when prices and interest in renting restaurants fly to the skies.

It is important to book in advance not only the wedding venue, but also the contractors. After all, the schedule of decorators and photographers during the New Year holidays is quite tight, and the desired professional may already be busy on the desired date. If you decide these issues at the very beginning of the training, you can immediately relax and devote more time to developing style and concept.

These holidays are really better not to mix. You risk confusing yourself and your guests. Therefore, to arrange a celebration on December 31 is not the best idea. The celebration of the wedding can be delayed until late, and you are unlikely to like that closer to the night your personal holiday will turn into a New Year’s Eve.

An avalanche of congratulations will fall on you and guests on a completely different occasion, and the wedding will completely fade into the background. In addition, the anniversary of your wedding automatically becomes a national event and deprives you of an additional holiday. And, of course, gifts.

Remember that by the New Year holidays the prices for many necessary services are significantly increased, and the wonderful plus of the winter wedding is lost – saving.

You may think: “Who really wants to be at my wedding – will be.” But most people prefer to celebrate New Year with their family and close friends, or to leave for other cities and countries during the winter holidays. Therefore, they will be forced to refuse you by receiving an invitation. If you are planning a wedding in late December or early January, notify the guests of this as early as possible so that they can adjust their plans.

With a Christmas theme. And they will surely be, since in the pre-holiday days all the shops abound with just such things. And your relatives, looking at this beauty, will definitely not hold back and will buy you themed souvenirs. If you do not want to receive 10 identical Christmas caskets as a gift – warn guests about this in advance and make a wish-list.

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