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First Wedding Anniversary – Printed Wedding

A calico wedding is the celebration of the first year of marriage for the newlyweds. In fact, this is their first real family holiday. A year has passed after the marriage, the young have become accustomed to each other, have become accustomed to the habits of their half. The pair passed the first test of a year of living together. Now they can truly be called family, although they are still considered newlyweds.

Traditions of the first wedding anniversary

By tradition, young spouses on this day “tie knots” on a calico scarf. Nodules tied diagonally, opposite each other. During tying knots, according to belief, it is necessary to say the following words: As the knots tied by us are strong, so are our words strong. Like a wind, a walker in a field wakes up, so joy and happiness will forever be with us.

People believe that these words are fastened feelings of lovers for life. After the ceremony, the handkerchief must be hidden in a secluded place – there he will have to keep all his life, protecting the feelings of the young spouses. It is believed that in this scarf is stored magical power that supports the young family. The conspiracy loses its power only after the death of one of the spouses – and then the second is considered to be freed from the oath of loyalty and love.

Celebration of the first wedding anniversary

A calico wedding is a wonderful romantic feast of two hearts. On this day, it is better to arrange a holiday for two, to do without noisy companies and a crowd of guests. Give this day to each other entirely, and your feelings will only be stronger! After all, a chintz wedding is also called that because chintz is a soft, soft, capricious fabric and is easily torn. Just as the relationship between the spouses – they have not yet become stronger in a year, the strings connecting two hearts are still thin and fragile. Strengthen them, make your soul mate even happier! Only during the celebration, do not forget about one sign: on this day you must leave your plates empty, finish all the dishes to the bottom, in order to “not lose happiness”! There is another tradition for a chintz wedding: on this day, the couple together drink a bottle of champagne, left specially from the wedding for the occasion.

Wedding anniversary can be celebrated with guests. Relatives and close friends are invited to the celebration. There is a sign that it is better to celebrate a chintz wedding not at home – somewhere in a cafe or in general in nature. On the first anniversary of the wedding, young people are given different things from fabric (not necessarily chintsevye): dresses and shirts, bed linen, towels, curtains, napkins. Parents, according to tradition, give diapers and sliders to young people. You can also give jewelry of semi-precious stones of different colors, in modern conditions very often give money. The only thing that, according to belief, you can not give to the print wedding wedding couples who want to have a child – it’s toys, including plush.

Spouses on the calico wedding day give each other handkerchiefs.

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