Wedding preparation: what needs to be done right at the beginning?
Before you make the final decision on choosing the site, the wedding team and the concept of celebration, complete the tasks from our list. Before you find the wedding team…

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12 additional wedding preparation tips
1. GET RID OF REFLECTIVE FACTORS Ask guests to turn off the sound of mobile phones, do not abuse shooting and enjoy the ceremony with you. Explain that you hired…

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First Wedding Anniversary - Printed Wedding
A calico wedding is the celebration of the first year of marriage for the newlyweds. In fact, this is their first real family holiday. A year has passed after the…

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How does preparing for the wedding prepare you for marriage?

For a couple and her feelings, organizing a wedding is a real test of strength. But this is only one of the first steps on your life journey together. What can he teach – find out in this article.

You have always dreamed of a magnificent wedding for a hundred people so that the banquet would take place on the castle grounds and last for at least two days. And your future husband imagined a quiet ceremony just for the two of you somewhere on the islands. After such statements, both of you will think: “Can we ever get married at all?” And … learn to look for a compromise.

This path is hard and thorny, but it is based on what is important to each of you. Marriage will require tons of compromises: from choosing the color of the curtains to deciding where to send the children: to a music school or karate. Preparing for the wedding teaches you to listen to the opinion of your soulmate and give in to each other.

Not everyone understands that the ability to ask for help is necessary. After the birth of a child or during illness, it is nice to know that there is someone to send an SOS signal and they will immediately follow your call. And there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are used to being strong and independent, preparing for a wedding will change your view of it, and you will understand that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

It is impossible to cope with the bulk of affairs and responsibilities alone. You will need the support of loved ones, and especially – the future husband. Thus, the preparation process will become more pleasant and, in addition, bring you closer to him.

You are competent in different issues, and sometimes someone will be forced to make a choice for two. Planning a wedding will prepare you for this. You will learn to make decisions yourself, because some men are not interested in hanging on the details of the decor, or because of work, he simply cannot attend the tasting of the cake.

And you will learn to trust the solution of some questions only to the groom – this will allow you to perform important tasks twice as fast. As long as the future husband is in a meeting with suppliers, you can safely choose flowers for your bouquet.

But more often in marriage you will have to share responsibilities. Someone is responsible for the household, someone is involved in the budget, and you buy products together. Preparing for the wedding will teach and tell you who is better at it. You may have to argue about the division of responsibilities in the preparation process, but your family life will begin with harmony and mutual understanding.


Planning a wedding is considered one of the most stressful life events, and you should understand that this is partly due to the fact that two people, with their traditions and values, create a new family. And your ideas about what it should be, largely depend on your family upbringing as a child. Therefore, both of you must establish clear boundaries of what will be acceptable in your family and what is not.

But it is important to do it gently. Organizing a wedding will tell you non-conflict solutions. If you can tactfully point out to each other for an extra guest on the list or for an error in choosing a wedding accessory, you will not be hard pressed to establish personal accents in family life.

Marriage is not only the union of two loving people, but also a school of life that teaches patience, the ability to listen to each other and requires an incredible amount of trust. If you pay attention to the different emotions that cause you the same events, to the difference in tastes and priorities that are revealed when planning a wedding, you will learn a lot about your partner. Studying how each of you plunges into this chaos, beauty, excitement and a storm of emotions, can really help you evaluate how you will make decisions in your future family life.

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