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Spring Bride: 10 rules for creating the perfect image

On her wedding day, every girl dreams of being the most beautiful and unique! How to create an unusual spring look that will amaze all the guests and your groom, our article will tell.

Rule number 1: take care of the heat
Spring is an unpredictable season. Therefore, when choosing your wedding look, first of all take into account possible temperature drops. Especially if the ceremony takes place in the open.

In the afternoon, the spring sun can create the appearance of heat, while the evening will still be quite cool. That is why it is very important to create a universal image that is easily transformed under the specified conditions.

Your outfit should be accompanied by a cape, a warm cardigan or a bolero – choose one that complements the style of the holiday and at the same time will not let you freeze. And such details as a scarf, snoot or shawl can be an interesting, ideally complementary part of the image.

If the wedding is scheduled for March / April and will be held in the open air, it is better to abandon the dress with a shortened skirt or too open style in favor of a more classic outfit made of thick fabric.

Rule number 2: determine your color
Find out what color type you are in and rely on the recommendations you received when creating your image.

If you treat girls with a spring color type, you should stick to the gentle classic combinations. Your colors are milk, peach, apricot, yellow (sunny), nut brown, soft green, pink brown, soft red, coral, aquamarine.
If you treat girls with a summer color type, you better choose cold, smoky, pastel colors. For example – pale blue, gray-white, silver, pearl, lilac, beige-grayish, also a cool pink gamut from light powdery shades to dark pink with a purple tint, raspberry, cherry and red wine.
If you treat girls with an autumn color type, it will be a little harder for you to choose colors, since your palette is almost completely autumn. An alternative can be white, champagne, azure, emerald green, old gold, yellowish-beige, bronze, purple and red poppy.
If you treat girls with a winter color type, you can easily play in color contrast. Snow white and bright black, cold blue, blue and, of course, silver. Also, your type fit dark cherry, bright crimson and burgundy colors that look great on the lips.
Best of all with the definition of color type and the choice of suitable shades will help you stylist. Feel free to ask him for advice in order to create a palette that suits you.

Flowers are always the main decoration of the wedding. Including the image of the bride. In the image of the spring bride, it is desirable to abandon the artificial compositions. They spoil the look and create the wrong atmosphere. No wreaths of artificial flowers to decorate hair. The springtime is a real expanse for choosing fresh and delicate flowers, so use this wisely.


Spring Bride – the embodiment of naturalness and tenderness. Freshness and naturalness in everything is a wonderful rule of this season. Nude makeup, rich lips and radiant skin with a light blush – all this will emphasize your beauty and create a harmonious spring look.

It is not necessary to weight the image with a set of big ornaments. It will be enough one large accessory for the whole image. Whether it be massive earrings, elegant tick or, if your dress has an open top, necklace / pearl thread.

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