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6 ways not to go crazy while preparing

When the nerves are at the limit, nothing happens, and so much has not been done, the preparation begins to drive you crazy. Find out how not to succumb to stress and turn pre-wedding efforts into a pleasant experience.

We reduce the significance
If you understand that pre-wedding efforts are starting to drive you crazy, the first thing to do is to reduce the significance of the issue. After all, a wedding is a celebration of your love, not an exam where your organizational skills will be evaluated.

And if the wrong flowers are on the table, the artists are late for half an hour, or it suddenly rains, it is unlikely to somehow affect your future family life. Do not forget that a wedding is an entertainment event, and its preparation should not absorb all your time and energy.

“This is just a wedding” – this simple phrase will not make your holiday any less important, but it will help you to treat matters of preparation more easily and not to dwell on them.
6 ways not to go crazy while preparing
Author photo: Assol Oparina | Spring awakening: stylized photo session

Maximum organization
During the wedding training, try to be as organized as possible. Keep everything related to the wedding in one place, make all notes and notes in one notebook, make the most detailed plan of preparation and stick to it both in time and in content.

To structure a huge flow of information lists help well, so make up some topical checklists, periodically check and supplement them. You will be surprised how simple discipline and accuracy can save you time and nerves that you do not have to spend on finding lost contacts and photos.

We follow the state of health
This is a very important point, especially for brides who want to lose weight before the wedding. Wedding training requires the mobilization of all the resources of your body. Therefore, if you want to have time for everything, act quickly and think soberly, provide it with balanced nutrition, good sleep and moderate exercise, instead of constantly sitting at the computer.

Choosing between normal sleep or finishing “very urgent” things until late at night, give preference to the first option.

Learning to relax
Wedding training in 24/7 mode will inevitably lead to breakdowns and stress, so the ability to relax, take a break and distract one can be called vital for the bride. Spend a weekend in nature, in the SPA-salon, go shopping, arrange a romantic dinner with your future husband, eat a chocolate bar, in the end, if it relaxes you. The most important thing is that the chosen lesson gives you pleasure, and all the wedding discussions and questions will wait.

Looking for inspiration
Find for yourself a few life-affirming quotes, thoughts that are close to you, or simply inspiring phrases that lift your spirits, calm and direct. It may simply be motivating quotes from the Internet or tips from our articles. Print and place them in prominent places so that they are always in your sight.

Personal life
If during the preparation you forgot about your personal life, and you only discuss wedding matters with the groom, it’s time to sound the alarm.
No matter how tedious the wedding preparation would be, do not forget to devote time to your second half. Talk more on abstract topics, make dates, have a rest together and try at least a couple of days a week not to discuss wedding matters. Let your relationship become a source of energy and inspiration for you, and no wedding should be more important than theirs.

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