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Three main advantages for the wedding in the spring

Spring for some reason is not considered popular at times for organizing a wedding in Ukraine. Whether because of superstition, popular rumor attributes to the spring months an ominous meaning: if you marry in March, you will live in a foreign land, in April you will constantly expect changes, in May you will suffer all your life. Either for religious reasons – Lent, when churches do not conduct a wedding ceremony, falls just in the spring. Or maybe such an attitude to spring as a time for weddings came from the depths of the centuries, when there was simply no food for organizing a celebration in the spring (they ate everything during the winter, oh, how far) before the new harvest. And what a wedding without a party? But be that as it may, spring is a great time, and the spring wedding has its charms and weighty advantages.

So, if you planned a wedding in the spring, first of all, you need to discard the prejudices. Do not pay attention to the signs and proverbs, remember that your life in love and prosperity depends only on you. Further, when planning a celebration you need to consider that among the guests may be observing the post. Try to find out if there are such people and adjust the wedding table menu to them. If you are going to get married, find out in advance what day it will be possible. To do this, use our wedding calendar for 2011. Well, be sure to talk to the priest, determine the date and time of the ceremony with him. Also note that in the spring the vagaries of the weather are common. It is difficult to guess and predict here, but you need to try and choose a sunny, clear, warm and beautiful spring day for your wedding.

If you get rid of prejudices, then it is absolutely clear that spring is a wonderful time for a wedding. Nature comes to life, everything around sings and exudes joy. A spring wedding can be a real symbol of a new life. And this can be reflected in the very celebration. Soft colors in the decoration of the bride and wedding accessories, spring flowers in the bride’s bouquet, lilies of the valley in the banquet hall, even birch sap on the table – all this will make the wedding unforgettable and memorable, original and individual. And this is the first plus, which we denote as:

Originality. Spring wedding simply must be original, if only because of the rarity of such an event in the spring. In addition to the design in the spring style, spring wedding photos will look just amazing! The main thing – to choose the right photographer, for which use our catalog of wedding photographers. The same applies to the wedding video – creatively the wedding operator will remove your wedding so that you will feel a slight whiff of spring wind on your face and the smell of spring flowers when you watch a wedding movie for many years.

Efficiency. When organizing a wedding in the spring, saving gives us another significant plus. You can save literally everything, from ordering a wedding photographer and cameraman to a banquet hall, a limousine and even a honeymoon trip. Spring is not the hottest time for anyone who provides wedding services and offers products for a wedding. Therefore, you can always count on a good discount and, most importantly, you can choose the best of the best offers! By the way, to save money, you can also announce a wedding tender on our website – then you are guaranteed to get only the best offers! Save on the wedding in the spring will help you and the prices of beverages and alcohol, which traditionally rise just in time for the summer.

Freedom. In the spring you are unlikely to encounter queues at the registry office, you will not be bothered by a couple with a retinue of guests, photographers, camera operators and tuples of limousines. You can safely move around the city, walk wherever you want, no matter what – in general, feel unique and unique, as it should be on the best day of your life – the wedding day.

We have tried to identify for you only the main advantages of the wedding in the spring. If you wish, you will be able to find a lot more advantages for yourself! We really hope that our recommendations will help you to choose the right wedding date and organize your wedding so that through the rest of your life you can bring only joyful and bright memories of this day.

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