Preparing for the wedding: advice to newlyweds
Preparing for the wedding - a responsible and time-consuming process. It is important not to miss a lot of small details, take into account all the nuances and forget nothing.…

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  • Preparing for the wedding: advice to newlyweds
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IMAGE BRIDES PublishedDecember 15 The image of the winter bride: 7 ways to keep warm

If you are planning a wedding in winter, your wedding image should be not only beautiful, but also warm! These ideas will help you not to freeze on such an important day.

The denser and thicker the fabric of your dress, the warmer you will be in it. Give up flying silk and chiffon in favor of satin, brocade, taffeta or velvet. Another option is a fluffy ball gown with multi-layered tulle skirt.

2. FUR
A cape or short white fur coat is a classic and elegant way to keep warm. Want to create a more unusual and bold image? Consider beige, brown or dark shades of fur.


Strapless dresses are the favorite of most brides, which means your long-sleeved outfit will look very original! Lace sleeves will make your look more elegant and romantic and also much warmer.

Knitted cardigans, cashmere sweaters, warm wool capes and stoles are ideal options for a not very cold winter. When choosing a cape, take into account the color palette of the wedding and make sure that you really warm and comfortable in it.

But in the cold it is worth getting dressed as warmly as possible. A long wool coat will be a wonderful addition to an elegant straight dress and will save you from hypothermia. Choose the same style outerwear and palette with the groom to look harmoniously together.

Properly selected accessories not only emphasize the wedding style, but also help you to warm up during a photo shoot. A warm scarf or snood will be saved from the wind, and knitted mittens and a hat with a pompon will not only warm you up, but also make your image more tender and sweet.

If you are planning a photo session in nature, give up your heels – constantly falling into the snow with them, you will definitely not get pleasure from a walk and will not be able to relax, and this will be noticeable in the photos. Better wear high boots, warm boots with a flat sole or ugg boots.

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