Budget Wedding: Our Recommendations
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Obligations of the witnesses at the wedding
Witnesses, or, in the old way, buddies are the second most important couple at the wedding after the bride and groom. Usually, a close friend of the groom, a young…

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How to spend a honeymoon
Honey call the first month of married life. The honeymoon is due to its name due to the old Russian tradition, according to which a mead was specially brewed for…

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Scenario marine wedding.

Where can be more romance than in the sea? Is that in the sky, and even then – not a fact! We present to the readers a script romantic, saturated with salty wind and strong spirit of the sea, senaria wedding. It can be called differently – “Scarlet Sails”. After all, in addition to romance and the sea spirit, this scenario, as it should be, is, in fact, a wedding scenario, thoroughly imbued with love.

The covered playground turns into a jetty. At the threshold of the ramp, stretched ropes with flags. Anchored. There is a stylized flag on the flagpole (with photos of young people). On the railing hangs a life buoy with the inscription “Drown, so in luxury!”. Above the entrance stretch “Happy swimming!”

Thematic music plays (the song “Argo” will work very well).

Here are the young! I will ask guests to stand on both sides of the ramp and greet the young ones with a storm of applause!

Dear newlyweds! Today your new family crew sets sail. Long, safe sailing your ship! Let him briskly run through the stormy ocean of life and overcome all storms and storms!

Applause guests.

Each of you knows that the sailors have such a tradition: before you put the ship into the water, they break a bottle of champagne on its side! Well, young, break it and you for good luck!

Newlyweds are offered a pre-cooked bottle of champagne with the label “Wedding Champagne”.

All the guests shout: “Happy swimming!” And they shower young petals of scarlet roses.
Putting your way to sleep with rose petals
We wish your dreams to be fulfilled!
I ask the youngsters to climb onto the deck of the ship and take their places at the helm.
The steering wheel is installed in the center of the hall or in a place that is visible from all sides. Guests become a semicircle.

Dear newlyweds, dear guests, I suggest we assign the title “Captain” to our fiance. After all, a man is the main helmsman in a family carriage!
The groom put on a cap.
And our charming bride is Caryatid.

On the old sailing ships on the prow of the ship they always installed a female sculpture, rushing forward in a passionate rush! It was she who served as a talisman for the whole ship and boldly threw herself on the raging waves!

Wish seven feet so it was under the keel!
So that the weather in the house was calm!
So that the wind of hope fanned the sails
And brightly sparkled beloved eyes!
Fair wind to you!
A ship horn is heard.

Remove the ship from the anchor! We leave in the open, stormy ocean of family life! We are heading for family happiness and well-being!


The ruler of All Russia, the founder of the first flotilla of the Russian state

“We, Peter the Great, have commanded this decree from this day to consider the youth Andrey and the maiden Natalya to be husband and wife! Now they are one, and for any of their actions bear a general obligation.

I also order my husband to take care of his wife, as the pupil of his eye, to be her protector, do not stint on affection! Buy her silk and velvet outfits. Just do not bring a scarlet flower because of overseas lands – for it is fraught!

Wife should listen to her husband, to please, to feed his fill! Particularly in these matters – do not overdo it! – for the overfed husband to all state affairs and marital duties will be lazy!

From now on, I order all important matters to take on my husband, and I order my wife to be with him in all support and reliable rear.

Let it be so!”

Second toast

The presenter continues:
I will ask you to open overseas wines, but take the Russian snack and wash this decree!

The sound of the soundtrack “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession” sounds.

Third toast
Life must live, not watch,
Life must live – do not be afraid!
She give herself entirely,
It does not water your fingers, and swim!
To be able to run ships in it
With scarlet sails,
That there was a place in her for Faith, Hope, Love,
And you stood at the helm, you yourself!
I propose to raise glasses for a new family!
Music, dancing.

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Scenario marine wedding.
Where can be more romance than in the sea? Is that in the sky, and even then - not a fact! We present to the readers a script romantic, saturated…