Wedding Ring Secrets
The most important attribute of marriage is the wedding ring. Without wedding rings wedding does not happen. In fact, the wedding requires the observance of two conditions: the presence of…

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Spring Bride: 10 rules for creating the perfect image
On her wedding day, every girl dreams of being the most beautiful and unique! How to create an unusual spring look that will amaze all the guests and your groom,…


Brides mistakes: TOP-8
It is impossible to avoid mistakes during preparation. But to minimize their number is quite realistic if you listen to our advice! 1. DO NOT BE ABLE TO TALK TO…

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What you need to know about the wedding organizer?
Your wedding planner knows everything about your wedding. And what do you need to know about the wedding organizer, so that your cooperation is harmonious and comfortable? We will tell…

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Wedding decor: how to hide the shortcomings of the site?

What if you like the wedding venue, but its interior has some drawbacks? Here are some tricks to help hide them.

This is usually a plus for a wedding venue, but if you have a chamber wedding for a small number of guests, this can really be a problem. A good way out is to create indoor space with the help of lighting and draperies. Decorate the wall at the table of the newlyweds or highlight it with flowers – it will focus the attention of guests and make the atmosphere more comfortable.


This is inconvenient, but quite solvable. The decor in this case must be multifunctional and easily transformed depending on the purpose. So, the flowers for the ceremony turn into the decoration of the banquet hall, and the chairs for registration and dinner are the same.

A drapery will hide what is not so easy to rearrange: the dance floor, musical equipment, tables for dinner. And use smaller details in the design – so the space will look more spacious.

If you can not fix the situation in any way, distract attention from this lack of using moving images on the walls. This technique not only gives the hall a unique look, but also serves as an unusual lighting.

If renting a projector is too expensive for you, creating installations using LED devices and an original template can be an excellent way out: you will not see the flaws on the background of a soft, colorful glow.

If the budget allows, order a special coating that can cover the floor. If not – do not worry and try to distract the attention of guests. This will help you proper lighting: candles, garlands of light bulbs, lanterns, lamps or elegant chandeliers.

Or various suspended structures under the ceiling – they overtighten all the attention on themselves. And remember – when the tables and musical equipment will be placed, the disadvantages of the floor will be almost imperceptible.

If the budget allows – order tailoring of new ones, in the color of tablecloths. If not, just take them off: for a bright space with large windows it will be only a plus. The restaurant will be filled with soft sunshine, thanks to which the photos will be more tender and light. Or distract guests’ attention from curtains with the help of other textiles: for example, choose a bright fabric or a fine print for tablecloths.

If there are not enough chairs, rent them, but choose only those that fit the style of the wedding. For a classic celebration, bright high-backed chairs are suitable (and they should all be the same), at a rustic wedding you can use wooden benches, and at a boho wedding you can collect a collection of a wide variety of chairs and armchairs.

If you don’t like the color or the style of the chairs on the court, you don’t have to hide them in the covers – there are plenty of fabric drapes and seat cushions in the wedding color.

You can try to include them in the design of the celebration. For example, the color of the carpet is repeated in napkins or in the central compositions on the guests’ tables. And if you wish, you can hide the walls with draperies or lighting, and replace the carpet with a neutral color carpet.

Bright colors that are mandatory for your wedding, but are not repeated in the design of the restaurant, use in the printing industry (for example, menus and seating cards) or in floristics.

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