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Winter wedding: what decor will create a fairy tale atmosphere?
Every girl in childhood dreamed of being a princess, and a wedding is a great…

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Wedding Ring Secrets

The most important attribute of marriage is the wedding ring. Without wedding rings wedding does not happen. In fact, the wedding requires the observance of two conditions: the presence of the spouses themselves, i.e. the bride and groom, and the presence of wedding rings. You can do without a wedding dress, without a veil, without a wedding bouquet, without witnesses, guests, banquet, wedding and all other attributes of the wedding. But, putting the ring on the hand of the second half, loving hearts perform the most intimate wedding ritual. Wedding rings bind two destinies firmly and for a long time, ideally – until death.

But what does a wedding ring really mean?

There are many comic interpretations on this subject. For example, the initial score in the matrimonial life is 0: 0. Probably, this version was invented by the grooms – football fans, who secretly hope to score more than one ball into the gates of their brides (although life after the wedding shows that the brides break the eleven-meter kick into the gates much more efficiently and are able to parry any hit by the groom at their gate). A more radical version says that engagement rings are grenade checks. That is, a wedding, according to this version, is the beginning of a war in which each spouse planted another grenade. Well, in real life you can put a maximum of a pig. Some people joke that a wedding ring is supposedly a real shackle or handcuff. This version is not as scary as it seems at first glance. For example, to chain the bride to the bed with handcuffs – is this not a dream of any groom? In general, you can look at any thing differently, it all depends on the mood of the beholder. Some people think, like Kozma Prutkov, that the ring is the first link in the marriage life. And someone thinks that it is the shackles in the marital servitude and runs away from the wedding, as an evil force from the holy water. And someone revels in the infinity of the ring, and believes that the love of the spouses is also endless.

In fact, the symbol of infinite love is one of the true meanings of a wedding ring. In antiquity, the ring was considered a talisman: dressing it in the hand of a loved one, you seem to protect it from all sorts of adversity and adversity, protect it from everything bad and hostile. Perhaps that is why a wedding ring at a wedding is so important that a wedding without it is generally unthinkable.

Where did the tradition to wear a wedding ring

Rings were worn in ancient Egypt, there was even a hieroglyph in the form of a ring, meaning infinity. Egypt can be considered the source of the wedding tradition of betrothal of lovers. Here, in the valleys of the fertile Nile, under the fertile sun, one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth flourished. Many of the traditions known to us, including the traditions of engagement and wedding, originate here. Egyptian lovers wore wedding bands on the middle finger of his left hand.

In ancient Rome, there were also rings, but they were worn only by women. The betrothal took place long before the wedding — the bridegroom wore an iron ring for his bride, which she was obliged to wear before marriage, so that everyone could see that the girl was already taken. After the wedding, the groom removed the iron ring and wore a gold one. In the Jewish tradition, the bridegroom gave the bride not a ring, but a gold coin as a sign of his serious intentions and symbolizing his willingness to provide for his beloved. A wedding ring, necessarily gold, was worn by the bride at the wedding.

Another secret to the wedding ring

Why is the wedding ring worn on the ring finger? Let’s do a simple experiment. The Chinese believe that:

The thumb is a symbol of parents.
Index – brothers and sisters
Medium – a symbol of himself
Unnamed – a symbol of the second half, beloved or beloved
Little finger – a symbol of children

Now, put your palms together as shown in the picture. The middle fingers are those that symbolize themselves, bend and touch with the external sides, the rest with pads.

The secret of the wedding ring

And now take turns trying to tear off the fingertips from each other, while the other fingers should be together.

Thumbs up. Happened? No matter how much we want, but our parents sooner or later leave us.

Indicative. It is also easy to break away from each other. Our brothers and sisters have their own way, and we are not on the way with them.

Little fingers Come off without much effort. Our children grow up and leave us. Sooner or later they will live their lives.

Unnamed. Does not exceed? Right. Only these two fingers can not be separated from each other, because lovers are together all their life, and they will be together forever, no matter what happens.

Therefore, at the wedding ring – a symbol of endless love – put on unnamed fingers, so that the loving bride and groom are together for the rest of their lives.

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