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Destination Wedding Woes- What to Look Out For When Planning your Wedding Destination


A wedding in an exotic land will be a beautiful event. Envision palm trees blowing in a gentle breeze as you and your fiance take those steps down that all important aisle. Whether the ceremony takes place on a white sandy beach or in a hall, the exotic landscape will be the perfect clincher for this very special day. In order to keep this the dreamlike wedding with all the perks of the exotic location, there are some things that you must think about that can literally make or break your wedding day.

Since hurricanes prey on coastal lands, you will want to be careful when planning your wedding on an island. Be sure to plan your wedding away from hurricane season. With a little bit of research, you can determine how likely a hurricane is to develop in the time of year you plan on holding your wedding. For instance, the hurricane season for Florida may be April through May whereas the hurricane season in South American may be October through November. All of this research will make you better informed and give you an opportunity to choose the wedding location with the least chance for threats of hurricanes.

You will also want to look into the calendar of holidays in the location that you choose for your wedding. If you were to plan your wedding on a popular holiday for that location, you may end up having a hard time finding restaurants and stores that will be able to accommodate your needs when you arrive to prepare for your wedding. In addition, a popular holiday for the location may mean that many of the hotels will be booked and you may have a hard time finding rooms for all of your guests as well as yourself and your wedding party.

Another important consideration when planning your destination location for your wedding is what the hotels have to offer and whether or not you and your guests will need to rent cars. When people are taking on the expense of traveling in order to attend your wedding, adding more expense to the trip by choosing a location that has very little in walking distance may be a mistake. Some invited guests may decide not to come if the expenses are too costly. If there are hotels that are centered in the middle of everything, that is a strong positive on their behalf. When traveling, the more convenience you can include for yourself and for all of your guests, the easier it will be on everyone involved. There will be no concern about car rentals and driving home after the reception. With everything in walking distance, you will have one less thing to worry about and so will your guests.

It is also important to choose the right destination wedding favor for your destination wedding. Keep in mind that your guests are traveling too. The best destination wedding favor is one that is disposable. Choose chocolates, cookies or anything that can be easily carried and disposed of properly. If you choose to give keepsakes, consider wedding favors that are easy to pack, non-fragile and small. Some examples are wedding cake candles, wedding coaster favors or even photo albums. These types of party favors will be easier on your guests to carry back to their rooms and store away for their trip home.

A destination wedding can be a beautiful thing. It is a memorable experience and a wonderful way to mark the coming together of two lives. Thinking ahead about some of the things that can cause doom to your big day may help you avoid them altogether. Taking clear precautions can ensure that your day be as special as it is meant to be.